TOSMA - Natural, Artisanal and Organic Market

The Tanguis Orgánico de San Miguel de Allende (TOSMA) was born from the need to support local organic production. The TOSMA Producers' Market is a local commercial, social and educational meeting place where the products, goods and services of the members of the organization can be found. Among TOSMA’s main objectives are:

  • To advance the link between local producers and consumers by encouraging the production and consumption of organic, natural, homemade food with the best production practicesn.

  • To offer a direct point of sale (without intermediaries) between producers and consumers.

  • To support and advise on the conversion of conventional and natural products to organic products of TOSMA exhibitors through the Local Participatory Certification Committee.

  • To organize events to exchange experiences between producers and consumers through workshops held at the market.

On August 7, 2010, TOSMA began operations by creating a place where local producers could sell their products at a better price and directly to the consumer and by promoting farmers, producers of homemade natural products, organic farming techniques, eco-techniques, regional food, local artisans, along with social organizations working on social development and productive projects among others. TOSMA started with 45 local and regional producers, setting up adequate structures for the sale of products from the beginning. Now TOSMA has exhibitors from the municipalities of San Miguel de Allende (16 communities), Dolores Hidalgo (4 communities), San Luis de la Paz, Xichu, Guanajuato, and San José Iturbide.

TOSMA is focused not only on the marketing of organic, natural and handmade products that are produced locally by small producers, but also on the involvement of social organizations in the dissemination of knowledge in various important areas: Regulatory Framework (Legal Regulations and Guidelines for Organic Production); Manual of Good Hygiene and Sanitation Practices; Management Plan; Keys to Food Safety, among others. Since its beginning, there have been close links with the University of Chapingo, the University of Veracruz, the University of SLP, the Roque Technological Institute, and also with renowned researchers who have taught courses coordinated by various non-governmental organizations.

Along this path of work and learning for all, we have developed the TOSMA GUARANTEE, granted by the Local Committee of Participative Certification (C.L.C.P.). This committee makes participatory visits to the production units where it verifies that the production or processing methods are environmentally friendly.

The Committee is made up of specialists in agricultural production, livestock producers, processors, organic production technicians. Most importantly, interested consumers are invited to join the visits to the production sites.

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