World Tree Day - July 7

41 Arboles para Salvar el Planeta

On July 7, we celebrated the Day of the Tree, it was a very emotional event that allowed us to meet people who follow us on social networks or have participated in our online workshops, and also people who were out for a walk that day in El Charco del Ingenio. Our Social Service students were also present.

The call to exhibit works with the theme of tree care allowed us to reach another type of audience, and the live music helped us to get in tune with everything that surrounded us in that wonderful space that is El Charco del Ingenio, whose collaborators talked to us about the importance of caring for native species and its general director, Mario Hernández, talked to us about the legal defense of protected natural areas.

In the Music Program we had performances from:
Diego Gómez - Instagram pages: drunkdogo and fotogsma.
Elisea Valdéz - you can find her on Facebook
Francisco Hermosilla - you can find him on Facebook



In the Art Exhibit we presented the works of:
Ana Rivera
Alifie Rojas
Mara Vallín – Instagram page: maravallin
Andrea Félix
Paolo Aguilar
Natalia Arciniega
Sofía Pignon
Elisa Montes
Edith Gloria Angeles
Lulú Guerrero

Queremos que éste sea el primero de muchos eventos más que nos ayuden a tomar acción en la restauración de los ecosistemas, a fortalecer los lazos comunitarios y a acercarnos a otros colectivos que trabajan en pro de la ecología.

We would like this to be the first of many more events that will help us take action in ecosystem restoration, strengthen community ties and bring us closer to other collectives working for ecology.

We would like to thank the sponsors of our event: El Charco del Ingenio, Educación Colaborativa, Centro para la Justicia Global and Red Arbol Urbano de Chile. We also appreciate the presence of Andrés Espinosa, member of Red Ambiental Guanajuato.

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