The AguaVida Bulletin - July 2021

The history of the Agua Vida Network dates back to 2011 when several organizations and citizens formed a voluntary Citizens Observatory for Water... Read more

Last year, Caminos de Agua (Caminos) launched by far the most ambitious project in our 10-year existence. This project was developed in... Read more

41 Trees to Save the Planet and El Charco del Ingenio are hosting a celebration of World Tree Day on July 7 from 10am to 4 pm.
When we drink... Read more

Jacek Gawron

Casita Linda enables families to move from dirt-floor shacks into homes with concrete floors, separate bedrooms for girls and boys, a real... Read more

Environmental education in the field in collaboration with Caminos de Agua, A.C.
Delivery of water quality, healthy eating and runoff mapping results

Since 2000, multiple socio-environmental projects that contribute to the health of the watershed have been managed and initiated, resources have... Read more

News Release,  June 1, 2021 -- Today, the Plenary of the Administrative Justice Tribunal of the State of Guanajuato, composed of the judges of the... Read more

April Gaydos

Audubon de Mexico AC is an environmental organization working in the urban area of San Miguel de Allende. Our mission is to connect people to the... Read more

Liz Mestres

In 2018, a small group of activists who first met in meetings on the problem of water in our region held in the Sindicato decided to form the the... Read more