What We Do

The complexity of our water crisis demands coordinated, strategic and collaborative efforts from all sectors of our society. San Miguel de Allende’s diverse non-governmental organizations are well-positioned to address this crisis because of our connections with the communities we serve and our diverse organizational expertise.

Believing we are stronger together, the AguaVida Network serves as a seedbed for many forms of concerted action between organizations. - united by a shared vision of safeguarding our water rights and resources. The Network serves its members and society by:

  • Facilitating dialogue and sharing and disseminating information between organizations to stimulate joint thinking and collaborative action
  • Serving as a resource for members to share ideas, collaborate, and seek project partners

  • Developing a shared pool of knowledge and a common language to describe the water situation in San Miguel

  • Pooling expert knowledge

  • Coordinating strategies and actions of member organizations in common projects

  • Locating resources necessary to sustain those projects

  • Developing public awareness and action through media advocacy, scholarly research, public events, and other suitable activities


Being a member of the Network is simply an expression of support of the Network’s vision and interest in collaborating with other members on our local water challenges. Participation is voluntary and allows its members the flexibility to opt in and out of network activities, and the network itself, according to their interests and aspirations.

As a Network member, organizations are provided a listing on the AguaVida Network’s Organization Profiles page. These profiles are intended to inform members of each other’s mission and work and spur ideas and opportunities for collaboration or to seek advice.

Within the Network, we will track our collective activities and the impacts we are achieving, to get a bird’s eye view of our progress. Our collaborations and progress can be promoted inside and outside of the network to maintain a steady internal conversation and to continue building public awareness and involvement. To safeguard the integrity of the Network and our relationships, no one organization may speak on behalf of the whole.