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San Miguel de Allende and its surrounding communities are running out of water and the water that we do have is often contaminated with arsenic and fluoride. This urgent situation requires broad community participation in the search for solutions. The AguaVida Bulletin seeks to contribute to an informed community and collaborative efforts to confront this crisis. We welcome article submissions and suggestions. You can reach us at

The AGUA/VIDA Bulletin


Throughout its 30 years of community work in the State of Guanajuato, the Fundación de Apoyo Infantil Guanajuato A.C. has worked to promote and... Read more

A year ago El Charco del Ingenio was selected by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) for the establishment of an Ethnobotanic... Read more

Caminos de Agua

Our water crisis is a region-wide crisis that encompasses not only rural communities but several cities in northern Guanajuato, including San... Read more

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Audubon de México

It’s hard to imagine that just a few short months ago the Presa Allende was at its lowest recorded water level in recent history, leaving hundreds... Read more

Casita Linda

Our Casita Linda families in San Miguel Viejo recently performed a play called "What about the watershed?"

As part of our workshop program... Read more

El Charco del Ingenio

On September 5, a Federal Collegiate Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in response to the lawsuit filed in 2020 by residents of the Balcones... Read more

It is important to recognize that water is not an economic good like any other. It is so closely linked to life that it must be understood as something vital and sacred. Life cannot be turned into a commodity.

Leonardo Boff

Today there are two major issues that affect all of humanity: global warming and the growing scarcity of drinking water. Both require profound... Read more