The AguaVida Network Bulletin


San Miguel de Allende and its surrounding communities are running out of water and the water that we do have is often contaminated with arsenic and fluoride. This urgent situation requires broad community participation in the search for solutions. The AguaVida Bulletin seeks to contribute to an informed community and collaborative efforts to confront this crisis. We welcome article submissions and suggestions. You can reach us at

The AGUA/VIDA Bulletin

The cost of water, on the rise...

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The Tanguis Orgánico de San Miguel de Allende (TOSMA) was born from the need to support local organic production. The TOSMA Producers' Market is a... Read more

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41 Arboles para Salvar el Planeta

On July 7, we celebrated the Day of the Tree, it was a very emotional event that allowed us to meet people who follow us on social networks or... Read more

The Banorte Professional Golf tournament delivered 16 mattresses for two Casita Linda families in San Miguel Viejo (houses # 125 and 126). Proud... Read more

The history of the Agua Vida Network dates back to 2011 when several organizations and citizens formed a voluntary Citizens Observatory for Water... Read more